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The Embodied Feminine Tantric Institute is building a global community of certified Fembodiment™ Female Tantra Teachers who value freedom, integrity and, safety helping women to release, heal and transform the sexual wounding and taboos that holds them back from their capacity to live thriving aliveness, joy-filled and passionate relationships, and expanded lives.

This training may be perfect for you if you are ready to:

  • Embody and guide women in the Fembodiment™ practices and women’s self-empowerment education

  • Activate and share your deepest inner gifts

  • Collaborate within an empowered teacher community

  • Magnify your soul purpose globally

  • Lead the women's sexual wholeness and erotic intelligence revolution

  • Step into the fullness of your feminine presence and receptive potential

  • Deepen your skills to hold safe and transformational space

  • Tap into your inner feminine creative core

  • Own your capacity to be in service to women’s self-empowerment

Imagine, teaching Fembodiment™ practices that embrace all of life in order to awaken to our true nature...


Creating a safe and potent space sharing Fembodiment™ practices and supporting women's journeys to sexual wholeness. 


Being able to use established Fembodiment™ practices and transformational guidance for women and starting a part-time empowering business helping women without having to create all the practices and processes yourself. Many women over the last decade have participated in the Fembodiment™ Wisdom Circles, private sessions, programs, workshops, and retreats which has created opportunities to enhance and transform their lives, pleasure, health, and relationships in a dynamic lasting way.


Within this teacher training, you will learn wholehearted feminine leadership skills how to hold safe space and how to make a greater impact on other women’s lives by inspiring women to step up and become a more enlivened, fully expressed being. There will be time to learn how to lead women's circles and workshops teaching this body of work or bring it into your existing work with your clients. You will learn how to market and speak about this body of women's work.

The training will teach you how to live a more embodied, approach in your life and relationship with yourself first and then with significant others. This training is about self-love, understanding the female anatomy of arousal, sexual empowerment, self-empowerment, and grounded feminine and masculine balance within. During the training, you will learn how biology backs up this body of work. This will really support you to step into the spotlight and comfortably attract the women you truly desire to support in your using the Fembodiment™ methodology that is designed by a woman for women.

The Fembodiment™  Level-1practices weave embodied elements of women's holistic sexuality, pleasure practices, energy work, sound healing, meditative practices, advanced women's anatomy education, ancient Tantra wisdom, Taoism and proven transformational facilitation skills. 

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