Let's talk about sex baby!

I recently was invited by Janelle from The wild Orange Tree to be part of her online project bringing experts together to support women's transitional life experiences.

Rustic Ayurveda Health & Reset Retreat in South India

Taking all things Ayurveda and why I created the Rustic Ayurveda Health Reset Retreat in South India. I share the story behind my own health issues and why I decided to share this retreat with women and couples after having my own private Ayurveda experience a few years ago.

Fembodiment™ TV - Sunday and Mandy chatting about the Erotic Intelligence 9-Month Program.

Jenni Mears chatted to Mandy and Sunday about their experience so far on the Erotic Intelligence 9-month program. We chatted about agency and consent, orgasmic yoga, self-pleasuring, finding your edge and all things that relate to women's erotic intelligence.

Rustic Ayurveda Health Reset Retreat South India 2018 with Jenni Mears

What some of the women are saying about this transformational health and healing retreat with Jenni Mears.

Fembodiment™ TV - Women's Midlife & Beyond Series

This weeks episode of Fembodiment™ TV is about how do we discover our true expression of our beauty in peri-menopause and beyond! Julie St Clair is an Image and beauty mentor for women in their 40's 50's and beyond. You can find more about Julie and her services on this link 

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