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Online Lady Nada Breast Oil & Breast Self-Massage Instructional Session

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Includes postage, Australia wide only.

Once you have purchased your breast oil please email Jenni's admin assistant Melonie at contactjennimears@gmail.com to book your personal online zoom Fembodiment™ breast oil massage instruction and breast clearing healing session with Jenni Mears

The benefits of regular Breast Massage:

1.Increases Libido and Sexual Secretions.

2.Tightens the muscles of the vagina.

3.There will be more fullness in the breasts and sensitivity in the nipples 
which are the erogenous zones. 

4.Helps alleviate menstrual cramping and reduces the menstrual flow.

5.Helps alleviate PMS symptoms. 

6.Slows down premature onset of menopause and menopausal symptoms.

7.Enhances the capacity to have breast orgasms.

8.Deepens the ability to feel our emotions and stay open even when we are feeling hurt or sad.

9.Helps us drop more into our feminine essence. 

Lady Nada's Breast Oil is formulated to nourish and protect a woman's breasts. We've selected four herbs, lady's mantle, fenugreek, bladderwrack and calendula to be the heart of this product. Lady's mantle and fenugreek have been traditionally used by women to tone breast tissue and dissolve fibrocystic lumps. Apricot kernel oil, calendula flower, bladderwrack and the flower essences of apricot, nectarine and forget-me-not are reported to assist the body in maintaining an anti-cancerous environment. Vibrational essences, nourishing and protective to the emotional heart, support women in keeping a healthy and joyful relationship with this sensitive and beautiful area of their body. All organic ingredients: Apricot kernel oil, fenugreek, lady's mantle, bladderwrack, calendula, essential oils, flower essences, gem elixirs and planetary essence.

Your sessions are 150 mins so please keep that amount of time clear and allow healing and integration time after your session to allow yourself the time and space for lasting change to occur from the inside out. I am committed to your overall wellbeing and I want you to receive maximum benefit from your experience. The more strongly you show up, the more I will able to support you. For these sessions, I recommend finding a safe space where you can freely speak without interruptions. For privacy and dependability reasons these video calls will be held on Zoom. Please download this program either through an App on your phone or through your internet browser on your computer. The Zoom video is not recorded to respect your privacy during these online personal sessions.

Please note: There is no sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during this session. All sessions with Jenni are facilitated in a safe professional space of authenticity and integrity.

*** Cancelation Policy: Personal session investment is nonrefundable. In the event the Jenni Mears cancels a session for any reason, a full refund will be provided to you.

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