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Online Jade Egg Instructional Session

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Jade egg. Includes postage, Australia wide only.

Product: Genuine nephrite jade egg. Once you have purchased your Jade Egg please email Jenni's admin assistant Melonie at contactjennimears@gmail.com to book your personal online zoom session with Jenni Mears to learn how to safely use your jade inner egg and how to clean and look after it. You will be supported in a Jade Egg Fembodiment™ healing practice and Jenni will teach you 3 Jade Egg exercises you can use for ongoing practice in the privacy of your own space.

The jade egg is a potent tool for release of stored emotion within the tissue and for connecting your mind and heart to your sexual organs.

The Jade inner egg serves as a tool to cultivate sexual energy, to maintain or create healthy sexual organs, and to enhance your love life with yourself and with your partner. It is a piece of jade crystal in the shape of an egg, which is used in the vagina. It can be used to open, engage and enhance a woman’s sexual energy and much more.

How does it work?

Jade is a crystal with incredible healing properties, the energy of the crystal can help release stored toxicity and tensions in the body.

What are the benefits of jade inner eggs?

  • Greater connection to vagina internally
  • Increase in vaginal lubrication
  • Improve pelvic floor strength and overcome incontinence
  • Enhanced sensitivity, leading to heightened orgasmic potential
  • Healing past tensions, hurts and repression stored in the vagina
  • Supporting connection of self love and feeling in the body
  • Increased suppleness of the vagina
  • Increases sexual pleasure
  • Increases sexual dexterity
  • Cultivates orgasmic bliss
  • Brings more life force to major organs
  • Increases self stimulation for sexual restoration

Your sessions are 150 mins so please keep that amount of time clear and allow healing and integration time after your session to allow yourself the time and space for lasting change to occur from the inside out. I am committed to your overall wellbeing and I want you to receive maximum benefit from your experience. The more strongly you show up, the more I will able to support you. For these sessions, I recommend finding a safe space where you can freely speak without interruptions. For privacy and dependability reasons these video calls will be held on Zoom. Please download this program either through an App on your phone or through your internet browser on your computer. The Zoom video is not recorded to respect your privacy during these online personal sessions.

Please note: There is no sexual gratification or intrusiveness of any kind during this session. All sessions with Jenni are facilitated in a safe professional space of authenticity and integrity.

*** Cancelation Policy: Personal session investment is nonrefundable. In the event the Jenni Mears cancels a session for any reason, a full refund will be provided to you.

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