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The Taboos of Talking About Sexuality

I got inspired to write about navigating the taboos around talking about human sexuality after a conversation with a group of people I had dinner with recently. I hope it inspires you to not leave this important aspect of being human out of your life and well-being.

A Somatic Sexologist's Perspective on Open Conversations about Human Sexuality

As a somatic sexologist and Fembodiment Method educator, my mission is to unravel the intricate layers of human sexuality and shed light on why discussing it remains shrouded in societal taboos. In this exploration, we'll delve into the historical, cultural, and psychological factors that contribute to the hesitation around open conversations about our most intimate experiences.

Historical Significance:

Throughout history, societal norms have heavily influenced perceptions of sexuality. Understanding the roots of these norms helps us comprehend why discussions about sex have been historically suppressed. By acknowledging our past, we can pave the way for a more liberated and enlightened approach to sexual discourse.

Cultural Dynamics:

Cultural influences play a pivotal role in shaping attitudes towards sex. As a sexologist, I recognise the diverse range of cultural perspectives that exist. Embracing these differences and fostering an environment of acceptance can dismantle the cultural barriers that contribute to the taboo surrounding open discussions about human sexuality.

Religious Impact:

Religious doctrines have a profound impact on societal values, often influencing attitudes towards sexuality. From a sexologist's standpoint, it is crucial to respect diverse belief systems while encouraging a more nuanced understanding of human sexuality. Navigating the delicate balance between faith and sexual expression is key to promoting healthy discussions.

Addressing Fear of Judgment:

One of the significant hurdles in discussing sexuality openly is the pervasive fear of judgment. As a sexologist, I aim to create a safe(r)space where individuals feel empowered to share their experiences without fear of stigma. By normalising diverse expressions of sexuality, we can diminish the judgment that inhibits open conversations.

The Role of Comprehensive Education:

Sexual re-education is at the heart of breaking down taboos. As a somatic sexologist, I advocate for comprehensive, inclusive sexual education that equips individuals with accurate information about their bodies, relationships, and sexual experiences. Education empowers people to engage in conversations about sexuality confidently and responsibly.

Embracing an open dialogue about human sexuality is essential for personal growth, relationship development, and overall well-being. As a somatic sexologist, I encourage everyone to challenge societal norms, seek knowledge, and participate in conversations that foster a more liberated and enlightened perspective on the beautiful tapestry of human sexuality. Let's unravel taboos together and celebrate the diverse expressions of our shared humanity.

Jenni Mears is the founder of The Fembodiment™ Institute, creator and teacher of The Fembodiment™ Method Facilitator Internationally Approved Training. Jenni works in private practice with women and couples in person and online.

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