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Live Online Women's Tantra Coaching Session

Are you feeling called to deepen your relationship with the divine feminine inside you?

These sessions help women to nourish, nurture, replenish and re-learn practical divine feminine Tantra practices and Tantra wisdom that supports women’s radiance, vitality, orgasmic potential, and inner confidence.

Would you like to explore and embody the essence of divine feminine potential to experience love and receive love?


Feminine love can be sometimes gentle and calm, and sometimes wild and passionate. Just like the ocean, the feminine has many flavours.

Many women lead busy lives these days and find it very hard to move from headlock to finding that sweet spot in their bodies to really be able to relax into their feminine selves. When a woman can relax into her feminine energy she can be more fully expressed in her life, her love relationship and her intimacy.

These online sessions are about carving out a self-loving space and focussed time just for you to explore the Fembodiment™ methodology that weaves embodied elements of women's holistic sexuality, pleasure practices, energy work, authentic voice healing, meditative practices, advanced women's anatomy education, ancient Tantra wisdom, and Taoism. To help you blossom into the woman you have been secretly desiring for a very long time.

It's about creating a clearer connection to the voice of your inner wisdom. You will have peeled away all the conditioning and belief systems that limited you; you’ll have greater access to your truth. The real you. The divine you. Your divine feminine essence. The guiding light of your soul.

These sessions are perfect for any woman who desires to:

  • Feel more alive connected to their body, to their sensitivity, their energy, and flow

  • ​​Let go of over-thinking, or constantly living in headlock

  • ​​Open to trusting their pelvic core creative wisdom

  • ​​Connect more to their sensuality

  • ​​Have a better relationship with the masculine in a healthy and divine way in their lives

  • ​To learn how to live and love a tantric lifestyle in soloship or coupleship

  • To say YES! to living a turned-on life

The elements we will work through in the sessions:

  • Reconnecting to the Divine Feminine 

  • Rediscovering and aligning the divine feminine within

  • Relaxing into your Feminine Power, Intuition & your Energy Body

  • Exploring the body-mind, while moving into your feminine power

  • Relating to the Masculine in your life

  • Exploring healthy ways to cultivate polarity in relationship with the masculine

  • Embodying Feminine Sensuality and Orgasmic potential

  • Opening the body to enjoy sensuality and pleasure both physically and energetically

  • Explore your unique erotic intelligence

  • Correct Jade Egg instruction and Fembodiment™ Jade Egg Yoga Practices ( Jade Egg is available to purchase for $60 separately if you don't have one already) The Jade egg is not included in the 1-session or 3-session package investment.  


Live Online Women's Tantra Coaching  
2 Hour Session
Live Online Women's Tantra Coaching
3-session package  
Why would you book a package?
To fully embody Tantra Wisdom happens over time and with focused attention.

How it works. 

Simply contact me here and we can have a fifteen-minute discovery chat about how I can support you. Once you have booked your session or package and session times with my admin assistant Melonie by email please make your payment online to secure your program and session times and days. Sessions are available Tuesday through to Friday during the day, Tuesday to Thursday in the evenings. For this online 3-session package, I use a video-conferencing interface called “ZOOM”. Once you booked and paid for your single session or 3 sessions package you will receive an email with the ‘link to join’ via zoom at the time of your session. It is REALLY EASY to use. You simply click on the link and follow the prompts a few minutes before your session begins. (There is also an option to download the ZOOM app on your devices). For these sessions, I recommend finding a safe space where you can freely speak without interruptions. 

***Please note: Sessions will not be held without payment at the time of booking. Cancelation Policy: the 1 session and 3-session package investment is non-refundable. In the event that Jenni Mears cancels a session for any reason, a full refund will be provided to you. While the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is being felt intensely by everyone I want to still be of meaningful service to you. So until we come out on the other side I will be offering all my services half the normal investment price so you can still receive the assistance and care you may need to navigate the uncertainty of thriving in your life wholeheartedly.