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Holistic Tantra Coaching Session 

Have you tried normal coaching and yet your relationship just remains the same afterwards?

Is your relationship in need of a tune up?

Would you like to take your relationship from being just average one to the extraordinary one?

Holistic Tantric Relationship coaching offers a different approach to relationship coaching rather than the clinical approach where you both just talk throughout your sessions about your relationship challenges.

In these unique sessions, I combine both relationship and somatic sex education coaching along with the teachings of Tantra wisdom. It is an extremely dynamic combination that weaves discussion, learning and embodying practical exercises because it is not often just enough to just use talk therapy to resolve any issues in your relationship, the practice of Tantra helps you to fully heal, understand, align, forgive and let go. It is a holistic new way of connecting with yourself and your partner that brings a more empathetic way of communication and experiencing deeper love.

For these sessions, I recommend finding a safe space where you can freely speak without interruptions. 


Jenni held a very sacred and safe space, where we were able to discover some very interesting and deep patterns and do some quite vulnerable work with each other with her gentle guidance.


Jenni has a great ability to see past stories with compassion and without judgement. I feel we have made some important shifts and I can feel that in our everyday interactions now. I feel there is a deeper level of love and intimacy and understanding in our relationship now and we seem to be working together a lot better. We had a desire to go much deeper in our connection and pleasure with each other. We now have some work to do still but we now also have some communication tools and Tantra exercises to explore with each other. We can’t recommend Jenni highly enough.

~ B & A

Live Online Couples 150 min session

How it works.  

Simply contact me here and we can have a fifteen-minute discovery chat about how I can support you both. Once you have booked your session time with my admin assistant Melonie by email please make your payment online to secure session time and day. For this live online session, I use a video-conferencing interface called “ZOOM”. Once you booked and paid for your session you will receive an email with the ‘link to join’ via zoom at the time of your session. It is REALLY EASY to use. You simply click on the link and follow the prompts a few minutes before your session begins. (There is also an option to download the ZOOM app on your devices).


***Please note: Sessions will not be held without payment at the time of booking. Cancelation Policy: the session investment is non-refundable. In the event that Jenni Mears cancels a session for any reason, a full refund will be provided to you. 

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