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Fembodiment™ Method Level-2 Advanced Training dates and times 2024 – 2025:


Classes are on Thursday's 7-10 PM and one Sunday a month, 6 - 10 PM via Zoom


Training finishes 16th October 2025

Class 1) Thur 17th Oct

Class 2) Thur 24th Oct

Class 3) Sun 27th Oct

Class 4) Thur 31st Oct


Class 5) Thur 7th Nov

Class 6) Thur 14th Nov

Class 7) Sun 17th Nov

Class 8) Thur 21st Nov


Class 9) Thur 28th Nov

Class 10) Sun 1st Dec

Class 11) Thur 5th Dec

Class 12) Thur 12th Dec


2025  Dates

Class 13) Thur 30th Jan

Class 14) Sun 2nd Feb

Class 15) Thur 6th Feb

Class 16) Thur 13th Feb


Class 17) Thur 20th Feb

Class 18) Thur 27th Feb

Class 19) Thur 6th Mar

Class 20) Thur 13th Mar


Class 21) Thur 20th Mar

Class 22) Sun 30th Mar

Class 23) Thur 3rd April

Class 24) Thur 10th April


Class 25) Thur 1st May

Class 26) Thur 8th May

Class 27) Sun 11th May

Class 28) Thur 15th May


Class 29) Thur 22nd May

Class 30) Thur 29th May

Class 31) Sun 1st June

Class 32) Thur 5th June


Class 33) Thur 12th June

Class 34) Thur 19th June

Class 35) Sun 22nd June 

Class 36) Thur 26th June


Supervised Practice for the 12-month Training

Supervised practice includes a combination of individual sessions and workshop/s to the equivalent of 25 points to achieve the training certification. This is detailed further in the training outline.

Needs to be completed on or before the 18th of February 2024.

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