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Fembodiment™ Breathwork


Monthly or 5-Week Series

Do you ever imagine a life with less stress and more reserves of inner energy flowing through your body?


Do you know that creating inner thriving aliveness gifts the longevity of your mind and body?

Would you like a safe space for you to explore activating your creative life-force energy?


Join with like-spirit women to explore, expand, and weave altered states of consciousness by cultivating your own innate breath. Having studied the many benefits of breathing properly for health and spiritual growth through Fembodiment™ practices I can now lead you in a conscious way that can take you way beyond who you think you are. Conscious breathing opens and expands your body and creates a greater capacity to surrender and connect with your inner spirit.


To close our class gathering you will be offered a lush gentle relaxing guided Fembodiment™ scan meditation and sound bath that will lead you deeply into restful bliss.

Since I began breathwork I have access to more energy, I'm more emotionally resilient, connected to my body and have released some long held self-sabotaging patterns.


~ Melonie Harpham

Some benefits of attending Fembodiment™ Bliss Breathwork Class regularly: 


  • Be guided by specially selected music to take you deep into YOUR innate body wisdom in a breathwork two circle ancient practice.

  • Explore Guided Kundalini and Dynamic Meditation practices to release the mental chatter, emotional stuckness and to feel your own embodied liberation

  •  Explore and practice Tantric healing breaths to clear out any blocked or stagnant energy in your body and chakras (energy centers)

  •  Become more mindful of your life-giving breath

  •  Activate natural inner healing

  •  Release unwanted habitual habits

  •  Learn to access heightened states of bliss and joy

  •  Release past experiences in your muscle memory that may have been holding you back in your life

  •  Connect with like-spirit women and find your inner feminine voice

  •  Activate creative life-force life-giving energy



What to bring:

An open mind, water bottle, towel or sarong to lay on. 


I look forward to supporting YOUR journey with Fembodiment™ breath sequences that are literally changing women’s minds, hearts, and bodies from the inside out!

*** Please note: All Fembodiment™ are practices taught in a grounded and dogma-free approach. Practices are done clothed and there is no sexual contact.  Jenni Mears is committed to simplify and facilitate the Fembodiment™ methodology for all women and their unique journey. These classes support both introverted and extroverted women of all ages and stages of their lives to feel comfortable in their own skin. 

You must provide Jenni Mears with at least 7 days Notice if you wish to cancel a booking and be entitled to have any booking fee or deposit (or part thereof) made by you credited towards any future services or events. If You provide less than 7 days notice of cancellation, any deposit or the full amount paid by you is forfeited.