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Blossoming Woman

Monthly Class Gathering!

I invite you to join me in person

Sunday's on July 7th, Sept 1st, Oct 6th, Nov 3rd,

Dec 1st, 2024 1.30pm -3.00pm

At Samana Yoga and Pilates Studio

 in Queenscliff, Victoria​

Do you ever find yourself feeling disconnected – from your own essence, your body's wisdom, or even your own desires and boundaries?​​  Have there been moments when you've felt unseen, unheard, or misunderstood?​

​In the whirlwind of pursuing careers, striving for equality, and caring for others, many women unknowingly drift away from their bodies and inner selves. This disconnection ripples through every aspect of their lives, from relationships to work, from early motherhood to menopause and beyond.

​The toll can be profound. Women may find themselves stifled in their desires, unsure of their boundaries, and deprived of the simple joys and pleasures of embodiment. It's an exhausting, depleting experience – one I know all too well, having traversed those very depths myself.

​But amidst this disconnect, there lies a path home – a journey I've embarked upon and now offer to you.

Welcome to Blossoming Woman, a sanctuary crafted for those who yearn to rediscover themselves and reclaim their vitality. Here, in our nurturing space, you'll uncover the transformative power of Fembodiment™ – a journey honed over decades of guiding women back to their essence.

​So, what awaits you in these monthly classes?

​You'll step into a sanctuary of self-discovery, greeted by a gentle somatic tune-in, guiding you from head to heart. Here, you'll encounter nourishing Fembodiment™ practices, seamlessly woven into your daily life. And should you feel inclined, there's space to share, to ask questions, to connect – or simply to bask in the collective energy of womanhood.​ As we close each class, you'll be gently guided through a movement practice or empowered with a relaxing Fembodiment™ guided meditation – a ritual to replenish your radiance, infusing your week with newfound ease.

​What treasures lie in store over time?

​Through these classes, you'll:

  • Cultivate a magnetic presence, independent of external appearance, drawing forth the attention you desire.

  • Embrace practices that honour your body's wisdom, replacing striving with trust and intuition.

  • Feel more comfortable in your skin, welcoming healthy attention and feeling at home in your body.

  • Discover movement as a gateway to self-regulate your nervous system, awakening new sensations within.

  • Self-confidence and inner radiance, embodying your most authentic self.

  • Cultivate healthy boundaries rooted in your highest values, navigating relationships with newfound clarity.

  • Reignite the flame of passion in your daily existence, infusing every moment with vitality and joy.

  • And perhaps most importantly, cherishing this time you have gifted yourself.

I look forward to guiding you to discover a simple roadmap home to your blossoming woman. 

I invite you to give yourself permission to make this time just for you.  

If you have any questions about anything click the contact button below.


"This class series absolutely changed the trajectory of my life!!! I did it twice. Invaluable. I wish every woman could do it and fall in love with themselves, as I did. Also Jenni Mears is a most exquisite facilitator and mentor. Highly recommend."

These monthly classes are not about doing anything you don’t want to do. 

It is all about you, your choice and your self-empowerment.​

I facilitate these from a mature professional space of authenticity and integrity with

trauma-informed care. Your agency and consent are always respected. 


Conditions of Service

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