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Cervix De-armoring


What is Cervix De-armouring?

De-armouring is the practice of releasing somatic trauma in the vagina. Somatisation is essentially buried trauma within the body. The body remembers and holds everything experience we have in our life. Cervix de-armouring is about releasing all of this trauma, stuck energy and shame from our vagina so that you can experience more pleasure, more energetic flow and experience cervix and G-spot orgasms.

If you experience vaginal pain, tension or numbness during sex or self-pleasure, exploring a gentle guided de-armouring practice can help release and soften knots of tension and numbness inside the vagina, which will lead to more pleasure and orgasmic potential. Your cervix can be a highly pleasurable and orgasmic organ when it is awakened gently and mindfully.

What to expect in your session.

I guide you through a client-led practice. Which means you are working with The Cervix Sepent™ wand. This is a gentle practice where your breath and whatever emotions may surface during the practice are welcomed and held in a safe(r) space for your healing and sexual self-empowerment.


Women often find they need a few sessions to clear and unblock the cervix before they can fully experience the orgasmic response, pleasurable sensations and bliss that their cervix can truly offer them.   

Please note: Recommended product for this type of session is not included in your session investment. Make sure you have Cervix Serpent™ with you for your session. I will provide you with the link to purchase The Cervix Serpent™ at 10% off.

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