Online Zoom Fembodied Women's Circle 

Imagine, awakening your inner source of power?

Fembodiment™ is a powerful method that connects and grounds a woman’s radiance, her life force energy. She reclaims her womanly sovereignty. When a woman aligns her inner female and inner male traits she becomes a beacon of light. She develops a presence that attracts respect and understanding and she enhances her ability to feel love, joy, pleasure more deeply for herself and then with others in her life.


Fembodiment™ Breathwork Circle

Do you ever imagine a life with less stress and more reserves of inner energy flowing through your body?


Women's Ultimate Ayurveda Time Out!
In Southern India in September 2021

Imagine Kerala backwaters, flanked by the Arabian Sea on the East and the majestic towering Ghats to the West, opening out to the ocean and a dream golden beach, swaying coconut palms, endless golden sands, the ultramarine of the ocean, emerald backwaters, crimson sunsets, and lush green vegetation create a magical ambiance around you. Want to experience an ideal remote getaway location for a quiet Ayurveda experience in spectacular natural surroundings in Southern India? 


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